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Mad Caddies(US) Germany, Lindau – Club Vaudeville w. Zentrum Germany, Bischofswerda – East Club Germany, Duisburg – Uni Astra. Falls Du nie einen Kampf des Krieges erlebt hast, nie die Einsamkeit durch Gefangenschaft, die Agonie des Gequlten, oder Hunger gesprt hast, dann bist Du glcklicher als 500 Millionen Menschen der Welt. Patricia and I liked our visit there near Nice in France 07.98 very much. Isabelle: "All our memories come back through your visit". The best: Best bike roads: Alaska, Bolivia, New Zealand, Malawi. And we all have to thank you and Patricia for having made this web on wheels. I am happy to know you are doing well and that the MC world traveller meeting is still on. Christopher Hirt (German, The super-fotograf Markus and motorcycle-mechanic Chris circled the world in 26 months with two YAMAHA XT 600 and rode 102.500 kms. The first piston still worked up to km 196.300 in Germany. er sucht sie kostenlos Moers Wenn man die Welt aus dieser Sicht betrachtet, wird jedem klar, dass das Bedrfnis nach Zusammengehrigkeit, Verstndnis, Akzeptanz und Bildung notwendig ist. Falls Du heute Morgen gesund und nicht krank aufgewacht bist, bist Du glcklicher als 1 Million Menschen, welche die nchste Woche nicht erleben werden. 1996 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers Publikation über ihn in MOTORRAD von Rolf Henniges. In reality Nick guided 22 including himself Around-The-World with motorcycles. Motorcycle was sent by ship to Buenos Aires, Argentina. South America 15.000kms (Argentina - Chile - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia). But they made a real highlight inviting us there personally. Purpose of travel: a geographical survey for demonstrating the globe flatness. Best of the best: scubadiving in Exmouth (Western Australia). It's heartwarming, really, to feel part of this community. Falls Du diese Nachricht liest, bist Du doppelt gesegnet worden, denn 1. Du gehrst nicht zu den 2 Milliarden Menschen die nicht lesen knnen. Wenn Du sie weiter schickst wirst Du von jemandem ein Lcheln erwerben. Guinness führt die West-Sahara unter den anderen 65 auf, was logischer erscheint. ) 83.000 Mile (132.800 km) Adventure Around-The-World in 3,5 years solo on a 1972 1200cc Harley Davidson Wide Glide! - Michael Pearson (British) Michael ist ein gut aussehender Mann, der immer ein wenig schelmisch lacht und eher zurückhaltend ist. Michael Pearson kennt noch einen Welt-Umrunder aus GB: Conan. When we finally left sitting on the motorcycle with the running motor already Isabelles last sentence was: "If you don´t find a place tonight come back". My heart is scattered around the world and one bit will always stay with you and Patricia. In wintertime (november and december) through Canada and the USA through a lot of snow in the Rockys, less on Baya California. With the ferry (great food and drinks) to Columbia where the customs controled their luggage by drug-dogs. South through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia (very beautiful), Chile (go to Paso San Franzisco and Carretera Austra) and Argentinia to Patagonia (cold in Spring, snow). Through sandy north of Namibia, Botswana (hallo elephants), up north to Kenia, Ethiopia (birr, birr thy asked fro some money) to Eritrea. Route: Europe (Germany - Austrai - Hungary) - Asia via GUS (Vladiwostok) - North America (Alaska - Tierra del Fuego) - Africa (Transafrica from Capetown to Eritrea - Egypt) - Europe (Germany). 1999, 2000, 2001 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. Falls Du ein Konto bei der Bank hast, etwas Geld im Portemonnaie und etwas Kleingeld in einer kleinen Schachtel, gehrst Du zu 8% der wohlhabenden Menschen auf dieser Welt. Einer hat irgendwann mal gesagt: Liebt, als htte euch noch nie jemand verletzt. Wenn Du sie nicht weiter schickst, wird nichts passieren. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them?? Participant of the 18th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 1996. Jean-Claude: "She must have been as nice on the road in difficult situations". I can't be part of the happy crowd but I wanted to drop a line to say hello to you and Patricia. Supermarkets are like heaven after Ex-Sowjet-countries. They made "holiday" for one month in Alaska after hard travelling before. So they shipped bikes to South Africa, Capetown, and flew there. Two weeks "holiday" on the western oasis route and Luxor back home via Sinai - Israle - Greece - Italy - Switzerland - Germany.

Abenteuer date aachen dutch

Mad Caddies(US) Czech Republic, Prague – Abaton w. Czech republic, Prag – Klub 007 Germany, Kiel – Kieler Schaubude Germany, Leipzig – Moritzbastei Germany, Bielefeld – AJZ Germany, Bremen – Römer Germany, Wolfsburg – Kaschpa. Terrorgruppe Germany, Bochum – Matrix Terrorgruppe Germany, Karlsruhe – Substage w. Bau Halle Germany, Essen – Zeche Carl, Punk im Pott Germany, Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz Germany, Leipzig – Conne Island Germany, Schwäbisch Gmünd – Esperenza Germany, Köln – Underground HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Terrorgruppe Germany, Frankfurt – Batschkap Terrorgruppe Germany, Schweinfurt – Alter Stadtbahnhof w. Contest Denmark, Copenhagen – Studenterhuset Germany, Hamburg – Hafenfest Germany, Rendsburg – Teestube DECONSTRUCTION TOUR 2004 Feat: Pennywise(US) The Beatsteaks(D) Anti. dating sider for gifte Næstved Flag(US) Strike Anywhere(US) MXPX(US) Yellowcard(US) Pulley(US) The Slackers(US) The Movement(DK) Austria, Vienna – Arena Open Air, DECON. Falls sich in Deinem Khlschrank Essen befindet, Du angezogen bist, ein Dach ber dem Kopf hast und ein Bett zum hinlegen, bist Du reicher als 75% der Einwohner dieser Welt. Kopiere diesen Text und schicke ihn als Mail an alle, die Du Freunde nennst. She was always very friendly to her and never abused with her although children are sometimes sinewy. It's always a good thing to put your own adventure in perspective with other travelers and learn from people of different culture, temper and skills. The ex-Sowjetunions and Russians where very friendly people, no problems with safety, and amazing beautiful citys like Samarkand, Buchara and Kiva at the ancient Silkroad in Usbekistan. From Vladivostok they flew together with the bikes to Alaska (Anchorage) with ALASKA AIRLINES, and loved the huge supermarkets there.

Falls Du in die Kirche gehen kannst, ohne die Angst, dass Dir gedroht wird, dass man Dich verhaftet oder Dich umbringt, bist Du glcklicher als 3 Milliarden Menschen der Welt. Dies ist die internationale Woche der Freundschaft. I liked to watch Isabelle taking care of her young daughter Julie. World Travellers are lone wolves in their bones but very soft in their heart and it's great they have an opportunity to meet and share stories in front of a bonfire. Markus and Chris rode 20.000 kms in 3,5 months through Ukraine, Russia, Kasachstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgistan, Kasachstan, Russia and through Siberia to Vladivostok. Ted Simon wrote me during his second RTW tour by mc: I would say that the ideal Round The World by motorcycle would require that the rider and the machine stay together for the whole journey, that the journey is made as one journey, and not as a series of trips, that the distance travelled overland by bike would be at least twice if not three times as long as the distance travelled by other means, that the rider and the bike must cross, at least once, every line of longitude or of latitude (depending on whether it's an east-west or north-south event) and finally that they, the rider and bike, end up at the same place where they started Guinness Book for example would not recognize anything that was not one vehicle and one rider and one continuous trip Information by Jim Rogers). At least the pictures of the french RTW-Traveller Robert Sexé have been there. In English: The French veterinary-doctors Jean-Francois and Isabelle have travelled a lot on mcs in Africa and around South-America before they circumnavigated the world with two XTZ 660 in 3,5 years. Australian David Mc Gonical visited all seven continents (including Antarctica) AND all time-tones with his motorcycle what he did in 1998 ! Text-Fotoband ist eine Augenweide durch die Tieraufnahmen und übersichtlichen Erläuterungen. Festival Germany, Lebach – Werkstatt Germany, Münster – Skaters Palace Germany, Bersenbrück – Talge Openair Germany, Rostock – Mau Club Germany, Glaubitz – Open Air Germany, Stemwede – Umsonst und Draussen Festival Germany, Hamburg – Hafenklang Germany, Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) – Bunker Germany, Primsthal Nonnweiler – Primsrock w. Spain, Bilbao – Rock Contest, 1st prize to the Movement Germany, Geislingen – Helfensteinfestival Germany, Regensburg – Jahninselfestival Denmark, Roskilde – Roskilde Festival Germany, Homberg – Burgberg.

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