Bw single leg rdl

If any lift in this experiment had an "unfair advantage," it was the pull through.

When going heavy, I often struggle to maintain balance and find myself being pulled out of position mid-set.

This led me to film an entire instructional video for the hip thrust.

In short, it takes time to get good at hip thrusts and glute bridges; you must control the weight and use a full range of motion by bending solely at the hips and not the spine, and avoid compensating with the lumbar spine.

Bw single leg rdl

These results are somewhat surprising given that I am 6'4" and often wondered if the leg press or smith machine squats worked my quads harder than free weight squats or whether any leg curl machines worked my hamstrings harder than various straight leg hip extension exercises. One without the other will likely yield suboptimal results.But according to my experiments, bilateral movements activate more glute than unilateral movements.This is seen across the board, from quad dominant movements (squats vs. single leg RDL's) to bent knee hip dominant movements (hip thrusts vs. This is due to the increased inherent stability involved in bilateral lifts.Specifically, I loaded up my 1RM and performed a "squat-morning" and a "rounded back deadlift." In the case of the squat fallen-forward, hamstring and spinal erector activity increased while glute, quad, and adductor activity decreased.In the case of the round-back deadlift, erector spinae activity increased while glute, hamstring, quad, and adductor activity decreased. Despite my height, squats are still my best quad exercise except for possibly machine hack squats, and deadlifts are still my best hamstring exercise.

Bw single leg rdl

I have no aspirations to manufacture and market the invention, as I don't believe the current economy is conducive to new fitness products, not to mention the fact that the Skorcher looks very archaic and I'm far from convinced that there would be adequate demand for a specialized glute machine that is foreign to most exercisers.(It also involves an extremely embarrassing looking movment, where you basically hump the sky.) Although it's not possible for T NATION readers to use a Skorcher for hip thrusts, I included the Skorcher data in this article to alert the reader that there is an optimal way to work the glutes, and with a little innovation, you may be able to rig something up if you have a garage-gym.It also surprises me that the high step-up elicits such high levels of peak activation at the initiation of the movement.It appears to be a really good position to "turn on" the glutes.To prevent this from happening, I rigged up a series of two-by-fours that were positioned directly behind my heels to help me with my balance.

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This allowed me to go much heavier than normal and get a much better glute workout.

I was very surprised to find that the hip belt squat and straddle lift did not activate much quad, hamstring, or glute musculature in relation to barbell variations.

I was shocked to see how good of a job the weighted bird dog does at activating the glutes and hamstrings.

I should mention that I'm pretty darn strong at machine exercises; I can do 800-900 lb leg presses with a full ROM and usually rep out with the entire stack on leg extensions, lying leg curls, and seated leg curls.

I'm always surprised that the good morning doesn't elicit more hamstring activity and the lunge doesn't elicit more glute activity.

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