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What is more unusual is to talk about a “fireproof house”.

It is, nevertheless, what the Round Tower has been called.

The library above the Church of the Holy Trinity, as well as big parts of the church itself, were destroyed by the fire.

A poem written in the time after the fire thus offers a vivid snapshot of how bad it was.

dating for akademikere Roskilde

We thought this to be safer than Regensen, where a grenade killed a servant on the first day and bombs destroyed several rooms in the days that followed.“On the Round Tower it is neither possible to see the sun nor the moon,” the poem states, “and the star’s path is clouded by fog and flames; / the fire star flares in every corner and nook / and it is awful to see around in Aabenraa [a street close to the Round Tower].” More Huddled Furniture The Round Tower itself, however, did more or less make it through the great fire and was again able to function as a shelter for the Copenhageners in 1807, when the British bombarded the city three September nights in a row.According to a description made by Christian Ludvig Strøm (1771-1859), who was the son-in-law of the university librarian Rasmus Nyerup (1759-1829), the situation in the spiral ramp gradually came to resemble the one in 1728.Thus, when Denmark was occupied in 1940, the question of how to provide protection for the people during the Allied air raids quickly arose.In Copenhagen, dugouts and air raid shelters started being built and arranged in parks, green spaces and other available places, for the ambition was that everyone should be able to reach safety in less than three minutes.

Dating for akademikere Roskilde

The shattered limbs, the wailing people, the burning houses in the city soon depressed my merry disposition, I understood the shame and damage.” Most of the book stock, which had managed to be re-established in the University Library after the fire in 1728, also found safety behind the protective walls.The manuscripts had been successfully hidden in the basement before it was too late while the most precious books were thrown into the Round Tower’s hollow core.Famous for being an exception, is the only book that, according to tradition, was damaged.Ironically, it is a copy of the medieval text The Round Tower in the middle of Copenhagen, dating from 1642, is full of history.As mentioned before, it was not the first time the solid tower was chosen to protect the Copenhageners when they were in danger.

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A 1.60m thick outer wall made of stone is, after all, more than most people had at their disposal.

Nyerup was also the dean or head of the old dormitory Regensen, which is located across the street from the Round Tower, where he and his family therefore lived.

“When the bombardment began shortly after, made his way to his post in the University Library”, the son-in-law recounts.

“Strangers took up all the space with their household effects in the tower’s passageway below me”, the astronomer Peder Nielsen Horrebow (1679-1764) thus recounts.

He and his eldest son had taken shelter in the rooms below the observatory at the top of the Round Tower after his home had gone up in flames the previous day.

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