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This was done in order to achieve maximum trustworthiness, representativeness and informed consent (Lincoln and Guba 1985).

The cyber interviews represent both the richest and most sensitive set of data and are given interpretive primacy in this study.

An increasingly diverse set of research methods has been developed, including socio-cognitive analysis (Granitz and Ward 1996) and netnographic analysis (Sherry and Kozinets 2000).

Finally, a lot of research energy has been devoted to the analysis of online gatherings including e.g.

METHOD Following Kozinets (1997), netnography presents a fusion of established and innovative ethnographic techniques adapted to the naturalistic study of virtual communities, and their research representation" striving for the profound experiencing of digital sociality (Sherry and Kozinets 2000) and enabling immersion into Napster’s virtual consumption cortex.In addition, informants’ permission for direct quoting in this paper was explicitly sought by email resulting in participants’ unanimous agreement. A primary data set is used including 40 cyber interviews virtually recorded on Napster’s Instant Messaging System documenting the normative expectations of behavior and the ideology attending the consumption of date kostenlos Lübeck In order to find potential informants the authors occasionally entered Napster’s instant messaging system as ordinary subscribers "knocking on other online subscribers’ doors" projectively tasking potential informers for a "friendly talk about Napster" in service of an in situ, conversational semi-directive individual interview.Following Baudrillard virtuality retranscribes everything in its space as a satellisation of the real." "That which was previously mentally projected, which was lived as a metaphor in the terrestrial habit is from now on projected entirely without metaphor into the absolute space of simulation," writes Baudrillard (1988), making the computer screen a "depthless surface" of representation.In this reversed image the Internet offers a virtuality which resists our attempts to totalize it as a world, presenting instead loci for playing with the assumptions that we have taken for granted in modernity: community, information, liberation and self.

Dating for gifte Assens

In order to prevent further damage to signed artists, Napster was sued by America’s Recording Industry Association (RIAA) in August 1999 and finally forced to stop the sharing of copyrighted material after a preliminary injunction plus a lawsuit marathon in March 2001 (corruption stage).Although the principle of file sharing has irretrievably penetrated into current cyberspace consumption culture, Napster itself seems destined to resemble an abandoned beehive in the very near future.In his study of the surfing subculture, Irwin (1973) proposes that a subculture of consumption exhibits a life cycle consisting of four stages: articulation, expansion, corruption, and decline. gode gratis dating sider Brønderslev Northeastern University’s first year student Shawn Fanning invented Napster in 1999 because of "frustration not only with, Lycos, and, but also to create a music community" (articulation stage).However, our understanding of the ideological and consumption practices of online communities consuming file sharing has yet to be informed. First it presents a netnographic analysis of one file sharing community, Napster, operationalized as the totality of people using the Napster software to exchange mp3 files.

Secondly, it argues in favor of a new form of gift giving in networks having precedence here as a powerful analytic category for understanding the objects and consumption meanings within Napster and other file sharing communities.Terms and conditions of data gathering evoked by this netnographic research are given further account in the following section.Data and Analysis The data used in this study was gathered by the authors throughout a period from October 2000 until February 2001 and includes cyber-interviews, emails, board postings, homepages, functional and historical writings as well as the authors’ own observations using As was suggested in previous research (Kozinets 1997) all informants’ names were changed in order to guarantee confidentiality.Though facing financial restrictions in accessing technology and information (Dougan 1997) integration and participation are simplified due to the participatory egalitarian ethics of the Internet originating in its early ARPANET days (Castells 1996) and anonymity (Slevin 2000).Conducting interviews and analysis were done in tandem.

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