Dating lebus furniture

I just wanted to date the piece by how the drawer was made.

How a drawer is constructed and the woods used is revealing, but there are two important caveats. Seldom does one clue provide confirmation of anything.Most machine made pieces date after 1860, according to art historian Lori Verderame (also known as Dr.Lori) so if the piece you’re examining is perfectly finished without shallow cuts being evident, this clue points to it being made in the late 1800s or beyond.By Bob Flexner Pages 54-56 A while back, my wife and I were visiting friends who wanted to show us their collection of antique furniture.At one point we went into their bedroom and I headed directly for a very old-looking chest-of-drawers.

Dating lebus furniture

Cuts and nicks can also leave proof that hand chisels and other tools operated with elbow grease were used to shape woods.When circular saws were used, and this wasn’t prevalent until the mid-19th century, a circular pattern is usually present as evidence.Also, clearly visible scribe marks and saw or chisel overcuts frequently remain on the wood.If you’re not sure by looking at the outside of the drawer, open it farther and look at the inside corner where overcuts are more likely to appear.Looking at the bottom or back of a piece, or inside its doors and drawers, can provide important clues about whether or not a piece of old furniture was machine cut or crafted by hand.

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