Dating plattform Heidelberg

It is a location-based real time dating (LBRTD) app, which uses to locate nearby online users interesting in chatting, or meeting.Now, the online dating platform acquires the gross value of 14.5 million USD and there are approximately 10 million users (Spotted, 2015).

Due to the app created in German setting, the next chapter will discuss about the German dating culture, which will be analyzed through the concept of personal space in Germany compared to other countries.When a user goes to a certain place, this application will show other users that are in the same area.If a user is interested in someone in the application, s/he can send him or her a message or a wink to catch his or her attention.Spotted, Share the Love “The best way to approach your missed connections!Spotted helps you to get in touch with your crush and people you’ve crossed paths with!

Dating plattform Heidelberg

Another function of Love Notes is that other users can rate the Love Notes by giving score to express their liking after reading them. First, the major tool used in the section is to search for a person.People usually describe what the person looks like, and where they met.Last, conclusion contains the summary of this paper.The research methodology of this paper consists of comparative literature review with other online dating platforms to find the different features and function of the apps, and interview with the app’s users to discover the reality of German dating culture, and their usage of the app.The social phenomenon of courtship has been existed since the ancient age and it is gradually altered according to the evolution of culture.

Since the invitation of Internet, the tradition of courtship has dramatically changed. The virtual world can become a reality, in which the new formation of the social structure and sphere become within the new concept of space and time.

Second, the section is used giving self-summaries of users and states their purpose, which mostly is to find a person to romantically hang out with.

Last, the section becomes the space, where people publish their events, such as house parties, or student parties and invite other people in the app.

Spotted has gained its popularity among young adults mainly in college and university due to its marketing strategies in student’s parties.

The app has three main functions including: It contains the description of people that crossed your path.

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