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Important features in the landscape were also the large stone hearths located next to the halls, were remains of grand feats have been found.

To the west, on the bank of the river, a burial ground have been excavated.

Around AD 500 the first great hall appears to have been built. seven meters wide in the middle (5 meters at the ends).

The hall was probably whitewashed and would have been visible from afar.

en date dk Lejre

Here the visitor is invited not only to get a sense of the history behind the place but also an overview of the magnificent pieces of archaeological finds – from jewellery to pottery – which has been found on location.We already have some great agreements with a wide range of sponsors and partners, who want to leave impressions with us this summer in Sønderborg. beste online dating seite Osnabrück Such agreements can be discounts on deliveries, cooperation with commercial partners in the scouting and guiding activities at the jamboree, or cash donations of different sizes.A trip to the museum should include a visit to the nearby Land of Legends, where the ancient landscape has been recreated.If you have plenty of time, it is especially recommended to take a tour of Særløse Overdrev (Særløse Commons)Entering Gl.

En date dk Lejre

To the east a small river borders up to a flat plain.This river, Kornerup, splits into two with Lejre Stream just east of the ancient settlement.We appreciate that so many have shown an interest in becoming a sponsor or partner at Jamboree Denmark 2017. Frauen motorradtreffen Sponsors and partners have made it possible to make Jamboree Denmark 2017 full of great fun and fantastic activities.Luckily, the curator of the exhibition has kept cool and let the finds speak for themselves.

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