Fick dating Koblenz

Imperial forces finally succeeded in retaking it by storm in 1636.

In 1688, Koblenz was besieged by the French under Marshal de Boufflers, but they only succeeded in bombing the Old City (Altstadt) into ruins, destroying among other buildings the Old Merchants' Hall (Kaufhaus), which was restored in its present form in 1725.

With the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the city was conquered by the Franks and became a royal seat.

North of Koblenz was a temple of Mercury and Rosmerta (a Gallo-Roman deity), which remained in use up to the 5th century.During World War II it was the location of the command of German Army Group B and like many other German cities, it was heavily bombed and rebuilt afterwards.Between 19, it served as the seat of government of Rhineland-Palatinate.In 925, it became part of the eastern German Kingdom, later the Holy Roman Empire.In 1018, the city was given by the emperor Henry II to the archbishop-elector of Trier after receiving a charter.

Fick dating Koblenz

In 837, it was assigned to Charles the Bald, and a few years later it was here that Carolingian heirs discussed what was to become the Treaty of Verdun (843), by which the city became part of Lotharingia under Lothair I.In 860 and 922, Koblenz was the scene of ecclesiastical synods.The name Koblenz originates from Latin (ad) confluentes, confluence or "(at the) merging of rivers". About 9 BC, the "Castellum apud Confluentes", was one of the military posts established by Drusus.Remains of a large bridge built in 49 AD by the Romans are still visible.After Philip Christopher, elector of Trier, surrendered Ehrenbreitstein to the French, the city received an imperial garrison in 1632.

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However, this force was soon expelled by the Swedes, who in their turn handed the city over again to the French.

At the first synod, held in the Liebfrauenkirche, the reconciliation of Louis the German with his half-brother Charles the Bald took place.

The city was sacked and destroyed by the Norsemen in 882.

The Rhine Gorge was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002, with Koblenz marking the northern end.

Its defensive works are extensive, and consist of strong forts crowning the hills encircling the city to the west, and the citadel of Ehrenbreitstein on the opposite bank of the Rhine.

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