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Torben Isager, Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatry Out-Patient department, Nordvang, Glostrup.Tina Harmon, School Consultant Psychologist, County School Psychology Department in the County of Copenhagen.When one realises how sexuality influences the human emotions and behaviour, it is obvious that this topic should be given more attention.The report is intended for professionals with day-to-day responsibility for the education and treatment of autistic people.

gay dating danmark Glostrup

On the other hand, knowledge about the specific problems which are associated with the sexual development of autistic people is lacking.These guidelines are a result of a debate among professionals who work with handicapped young people and adults – a debate which underlines the importance of taking the sexuality and related problems of these seriously. sex dating seiten kostenlos Regensburg The aim of the guidelines is to enable parents and professionals to take appropriate action which they are confronted with the sexual problems of handicapped persons.Like-wise, there is limited knowledge and experience with regard to finding approaches and interventions to the sexual problems of this handicap group.Haracopos (1988) points out the necessity to protect autistic and other mentally handicapped people, as they can become the victims of sexual exploitation.

Gay dating danmark Glostrup

Finally, special thanks to David Sansome for his professional assistance during the final stages of editing. The fact that very few reports on the autistic syndrome have focused on sexual problems is probably due to the general tendency in society to ignore or even suppress sexuality as a natural and integrated part of personality development.This applies both to the non-handicapped part of the population, and in particular – to the handicapped part. The hypotheses and assumptions of professionals in the field are based mainly upon personal or culturally dependent attitudes. In spite of increasing interest, there is very little empirical material available and the subject receives only limited attention in the literature..This has resulted in suppressed sexuality, a life of celibacy or concealed sexual activity, often under circumstances which are both unwanted and humiliating.

The myth about the lack of or reduced sexual needs of the retarded person has thrived right up until recently (Buttenschøn 1987).Within the last 20 years in Denmark, efforts have been made to bring about changes in the inhuman conditions under which mentally and physically handicapped people have lived.In 1986, the Danish Parliament decreed that a set of guidelines should be prepared on sex education and sexual training for handicapped adults (Social Welfare Agency, 1989).Back to frontpage Overview of Thai Massage (Asian, Spa, Thaimassage, Happy Ending, Erotic massage, Intim massage, Thai piger).Hovedstaden dækker over København (Amager, Brønshøj-Husum, Christianshavn, Frederiksberg, Indre By, Nordvest, Nørrebro, Valby, Vanløse, Vesterbro og Østerbro), Albertslund, Bagsværd, Brøndby, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Glostrup, Hellerup, Herlev, Hvidovre, Ishøj, Kastrup, Lyngby, Rødovre, Tårnby, Vallensbæk, Virum, Allerød, Ballerup, Bornholm, Dragør, Egedal, Fredensborg, Frederikssund, Farum, Værløse, Helsinge, Hundested, Helsingør, Hillerød, Høje-Taastrup, Taastrup, Hørsholm, Birkerød mfl.

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