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Voices from nowhere And voices from the larger towns Filled our head full of dreams Turned the world upside down There was Frankie Lyman-Bobby Fuller-Mitch Ryder (They were Rockin') Jackie Wilson-Shangra-las-Young Rascals (They were Rockin') Spotlight on Martha Reeves Let's don't forget James Brown Rockin' in the U. Scarecrow on a wooden cross, blackbird in the barn Four hundred empty acres that used to be my farm I grew up like my daddy did, my grandpa cleared this land When I was five I walked the fence while Grandpa held my hand Rain on the scarecrow, blood on the plow This land fed a nation, this land made me proud And Son I'm just sorry there's no legacy for you now Rain on the scarecrow, blood on the plow Rain on the scarecrow, blood on the plow The crops we grew last summer weren't enough to pay the loan Couldn't buy the seed to plant this spring and the Farmers Bank foreclosed Called my old friend Schepman up to auction off the land He said "John it's just my job and I hope you understand" Hey calling it your job ol' hoss sure don't make it right But if you want me to I'll say a prayer for your soul tonight And Grandma's on the front porch swing with a Bible in her hand Sometimes I hear her singing "Take me to the Promised Land" When you take away a man's dignity, he can't work his fields and cows There'll be blood on the scarecrow, blood on the plow Blood on the scarecrow, blood on the plow Well there's ninety-seven crosses planted in the courthouse yard Ninety-seven families who lost ninety-seven farms I think about my grandpa and my neighbors and my name And some nights I feel like dyin' like that scarecrow in the rain Rain on the scarecrow, blood on the plow This land fed a nation, this land made me proud Son I'm just sorry there's just memories for you now All the leaves are green All my friends are gone I'm livin' in my hometown I can barely get along I feel sorry for myself That's an easy thing to do I feel sorry for the world I feel sorry for you Yes I am a pitiful sight I can't even get one thing right I know just what it's like To be ridin' in the rumbleseat Yes I know just what it's like To be a big time rider in the rumbleseat Well I could have a nervous breakdown But I don't believe in shrinks I should be drunker than a monkey But I don't like to drink Call up some girls But I'm afraid of the phone I'm always talkin' to myself I guess I'm never alone Am I the only one that feels this way I'd buy myself some stylish clothes But I sure hate to pay [chorus] The sun is coming up Just goin' to bed I combed my hair with my pillow Still got some dreams left Tomorrow is a new day Gonna make these dreams come true I'm gonna believe in myself I'll tell you what I'm gonna do I'm gonna stop puttin' myself down I'm gonna turn my life around I'll be ridin' high With my feet kicked up in the rumbleseat Yeah we'll go for a drive And we'll be singin' shotgun from that rumbleseat Yes I'll blow you a kiss And we'll be ridin' big time in my rumbleseat She had a dream And boy it was a good one So she chased after her dream With much desire But when she get too close To her expectations Well the dream burned up Like paper in fire Paper in fire Stinkin up the ashtrays Paper in fire Smokin up the alleyways Who's to say the way A man should spend his days Do you let them smolder Like paper in fire He wanted love With no involvement So he chased the wind That's all his silly life required And the days of vanity Went on forever And he saw his days burn up Like paper in fire [chorus] There's a good life right across the green fields And each generation Stares at it from afar But we keep no check On our appetites So the green fields turn to brown Like paper in fire [chorus] Well I lived on the outskirts of town In an eight room farmhouse, baby When my brothers and friends were around There was always somethin doin Had me a couple of real nice girlfriends Stopped by to see me every once in a while When I think back about those days All I can do is sit and smile That's when a sport was a sport And groovin' was groovin' And dancin' meant everything We were young and we were improvin' Laughing' laughing' with our friends Holding hands meant somethin baby Outside the club "Cherry Bomb" Where our hearts were really thumpin Say yeah yeah yeah Say yeah yeah yeah The winter days they last forever And the weekends went by so quick We ridin around this little country town We were goin nuts, girl, out in the stick One night me with my big mouth A couple guys had to put me in my place When I see those guys these days We just laugh and say Remember when [chorus] Seventeen has turned thirty-five Im surprised that were still livin If weve done any wrong I hope that were forgiven Got a few kids on my own And some days I still dont know What to do I hope that theyre not laughtin too Loud, when they hear me talkin like this to you [chorus] A million young poets Screamin' out their words To a world full of people Just livin to be heard Future generations Ridin' on the highways that we built I hope they have a better understanding Check it out --- goin' to work on Monday Check it out --- got yourself a family Check it out --- all utility bills have been paid You can't tell your best buddy that you love him So Check it out --- where does our time go Check it out --- got a brand new house in escrow Check it out --- sleepin' with your back to your loved one This is all we've learned about happiness Check it out --- forgot to say hello to my neighbours Check it out --- sometimes I question my own behavior Check it out --- talkin' about the girls we've seen on the sly Just to tell our souls were still the young lions So Check it out --- gettin too drunk on Saturdays Check it out --- playin' football with the kids on Sundays Check it out --- soaring with the eagles all week long And this is all that we've learned about living This is all that we've learned about living Check it out! A million young poets Screamin' out their words Maybe someday those words will be heard By future generations Ridin' on the highways that we built Maybe they'll have a better understanding (check it out) Maybe they'll have a better understanding (check it out) Maybe they'll have a better understanding (check it out) Hope that they have a better understanding (check it out) Check it out! The fiasco of his first album was enough to sour Mellencamp toward the industry for the remainder of his career.

He formed his first band at the age of 14, and continued to play throughout his teens.Upon receiving the finished album in 1976, he was infuriated to learn that De Fries had billed the singer as Johnny Cougar. kristne datingsider Samsø Chestnut Street Incident was a bomb and MCA immediately dropped the singer.Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Mellencamp will be featured on AXS TV’s “Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar” in an upcoming episode slated to air March 19 at 9 p.m. Hagar will hook up with Mellencamp in his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana to chat about his life as a Grammy-winning folk rocker and critically-acclaimed painter, which he talks about in his interview with Hagar. He sort of represented the “everyman” of American folk rock. Now in its second season, the AXS original series follows Sammy Hagar (aka the Red Rocker) as he travels across the U. to interview and jam with legendary music artists like Toby Keith, John Mayer, Mick Fleetwood and more. By then, John Cougar Mellencamp was more than a household name.

Mellencamp singles

His 1985 album “Scarecrow” produced a fresh crop of memorable Top 40 hits including “Lonely Ol’ Night,” “Small Town” and “R. The former city hosted his works in 2012 at the Tennessee State Museum in an exhibition called “Nothing Like I Planned: The Art Of John Mellencamp.” Those interested in learning more about Mellencamp's artistic side should check out AXS TV's "Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar" March 19 at 9/8c.John Mellencamp was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Billy Joel n 2008.John Mellencamp broke into the music industry after changing his name to John Cougar and the subsequent success of his 1979 self-titled album which spawned the hit single “I Need a Lover.” His career really took off, though, with the chart-topping success of his 1982 album which spawned two No. By 1991, Mellencamp dropped the label-induced “Cougar” from his stage name forever and forged forward as John Mellencamp. dating for unge Sønderborg 1 singles “Hurts So Good” and “Jack and Diane.” A third single, “Hand to Hold Onto” hit the Billboard Hot 100 Top 20. In a career that spans more than four decades and produced 23 studio albums, the 13-time Grammy-nominated artist has become a living legend in heartland rock.As his career progressed, his music became more distinctive, developing into a Stonesy blend of hard rock and folk-rock.

His musical development coincided with his growth in popularity -- by the time "Hurts So Good" and "Jack and Diane" became hits in 1982, Mellencamp had created his own variation of the heartland rock of Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Bob Seger.His highly-anticipated 23rd studio album, is slated to be released on April 28. Click here for information on AXS-ticketed John Mellencamp shows.Sammy Hagar's laid-back interview style, stunning scenery and smoking hot jam sessions make "'Rock & Roll Road Trip'" must-see TV.Mellencamp will kick off his new Sad Clowns and Hillbillies Tour June 5 in Denver featuring Emmylou Harris, Carlene Carter, and Lily & Madeleine on select dates.Throughout his career, John Mellencamp has had to fight, whether it was for the right to record under his own name or for respect as an artist. Mellencamp began his career in the late '70s as a Bruce Springsteen clone called Johnny Cougar.

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