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During its first decade, GDB financed infrastructure development, particularly the development of low-cost housing.

The primary spur for the February rally in Puerto Rico bonds was the investor call held by the Government Development Bank on February 18.In the public service, Cantero has also worked in several capacities in social and economic research, planning, and as economic advisor for agencies of the governments of Puerto Rico, the City of New York and Washington, D. media\/2015\/07\/22\/489066051702\/ctm_0722_datingscam_424355_796.mp4"},"tablet":,"mobile":,"ios":,"ios_phone":,"ios_tablet":},"slug":"older-singles-lose-millions-in-online-dating-scams","title":"Older singles lose millions in online dating scams","headline":"Older singles lose millions in online dating scams","title Tag":"Older singles lose millions in online dating scams","seo Headline":null,"dek":"More than 6,400 Americans say they were scammed after visiting dating websites in the second half of last year.Since it’s difficult to short bonds in muniland, I assume that investors either dumped their current holdings to invest in the new offerings or didn’t like what they saw on Puerto Rico’s financial statements and sold their holdings to reduce exposure.The price moves of late August to early September dwarf the recent February rally in size.

Ramon cantero frau dating

The highly centralized government structure set up by Tugwell, one of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Brain Trusters required such a fiscal agent, contrary to the model followed by most states, in which each agency and political subdivision is responsible for issuing its own bonds.During its formative years, the GDB helped financially structure the Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority, the new publicly owned electric company that generated much of its power from a hydroelectric system.Two new pieces of data for Puerto Rico point to continued economic contraction.reports that the asset base of Puerto Rico banks continues to shrink: [Puerto Rico] bank assets declined 5.3 percent between 20, a drop of $3.5 billion in 12 months, according to the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (FICO). Total assets of commercial banks decreased from $66.8 billion in 2012 to $63.3 billion in 2013.Looking back over my previous writing, another big movement in Puerto Rico bond prices caught my attention.

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