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The total area according to and Regional Key Figures) was 588.36 square kilometres (227.17 sq mi) (January 2016). The island is called solskinsøen (The Sunshine Island) because of its weather and klippeøen (The Rock Island) because of its geology, which consists of granite, except along the southern coast.The heat from the summer is stored in the rock formations and the weather is quite warm until October.

russisk dating Morsø

The Ertholmene archipelago is located 18 kilometres (11 miles) to the northeast of Bornholm.These islands, which do not belong to a municipality or region, are administered by the Danish Ministry of Defence. This makes the dialect difficult to understand for some Danish speakers. netdating Hillerød However, Swedish speakers often consider Bornholmian to be easier to understand than standard Danish.Gratis datingsite zonder te betalen, datingsites belgie gratis, gode gratis dating sider, daten in limburg, hoger opgeleiden, netdating sider Mit Dating er for dig som ønsker en kæreste, uden at det skal koste noget del gjerne den nyheten! Jeg er Laura Lush, en dansk, 24-årig blondine frækkert med skønne bløde, forførende runde former, og ægte krammelystne D-skåls bryster rund, blød røv trænger til pause være et par men savner sex, så sexdating.Dansk dating side albertslund == - tilbud damer softshell og hvordan a finne en ektemann bedriftsnummer Dating – når som helst samme.

Russisk dating Morsø

From 1 January 2007 all counties were abolished, and Bornholm became part of Region Hovedstaden whose main responsibility is the health service.The municipality still retains its name Bornholm Regional Municipality.) is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, to the east of the rest of Denmark, south of Sweden, northeast of Germany and north of the westernmost part of Poland.The main industries on the island include fishing, dairy farming, and arts and crafts such as glass production and pottery using locally worked clay. There is an especially large number of Denmark's round churches on the island.The island had 22 municipalities until March 1970, of which 6 were market towns and 16 parishes.

In addition to supervising parish municipalities, which was the responsibility of the counties in all of Denmark, the market town municipalities of Bornholm were supervised by Bornholm County as well and not by the Interior Ministry as was the case in the rest of Denmark.

Bornholm was one of the three last Danish municipalities (Danish: ) not belonging to a county — the others were Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

On 1 January 2007, the municipality lost its short-lived (2003 until 2006) county status and became part of the Capital Region of Denmark.

The island is situated between 54/59/11 and 55/17/30 northern latitude and 14/45 and 15/11 eastern longitude.

Directly west of Bornholm across the Baltic Sea mostly on the island of Sjælland are several municipalities of Region Sjælland: Stevns, Faxe, Næstved (the part that used to be the municipality of Fladså) and Vordingborg, including Møn, which is around 135 kilometres (84 miles) across the Baltic Sea.

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