Say dating bp 30

The man is described as 25 to 35 years old with a stocky build and a well-groomed beard.

He was wearing sneakers, green pants, a plaid shirt, a Detroit Tigers jacket and a green Detroit Tigers baseball cap with a sticker on the bill.

BCE/CE is simply a change in label, designed to The use of BCE/CE could be considered 'political correctness', especially since it is hardly common outside of academic circles.AUC, which superseded the year style based on the founding of Rome ( AUC stands for Ab Urbe Condite ( As you say, the usage is hardly common outside of academic circles, but at least it has the merit of being easily related to standard usage.A bit like degrees Kelvin, which one cannot help noticing retained the unit of a degree Centigrade, only changing the [email protected] Beckett: You sound like my scientist brother lol. But because he's a scientist, he uses the term more and is familiar with it.When "Christian Era" is used, it's still clear what epoch is being referred to (i.e.the Western one) without having to have some special knowledge about what "anno domini" means or who Christ is.

Say dating bp 30

The clerk noticed the missing tickets, checked surveillance video and notified the lottery commission.Police said the man unsuccessfully tried to cash a winning ticket at a BP gas station on 7 Mile Road in Detroit.Archaeologists also use BP - before present - which is confusingly set as 1950. ficktreffen ohne anmeldung Mannheim Astronomers of course have the best solution - just count days.Dates in the Gregorian calendar in the Western world have always used the era designated in English as Anno Domini or Common Era, but over the millennia a wide variety of eras have been used with the Julian calendar.

Personally I always thought it was MORE culturally insensitive.

You may be interested in some background on BCE/CE and an article including reasons some non-Christians prefer BCE/CE. It is an effort to be more inclusive, not a personal insult by way of putting you through the anguish of having to detect a ‘B’ or the lack thereof.

I am not a Christian, but I don't care about using Christian terminology to refer to a date based purely on a Christian myth.

BC is "before christ", whether you believe in him or not.

It's just as good as the Nth year of reign of Pharaoh Whoever - doesn't require you to believe in the deity of a particular egyptian Whereas making it "common era" implies that it's the correct one and all the others are wrong.

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