Secret dating Nürnberg

A number of the top Nazis were captured after the war and tried at Nuremberg. Many, too, were sought out by members of the Jewish Brigade of the British Army.

In addition to assisting in the illegal immigration of Jews to Palestine, they also organized themselves into a group dedicated to tracking down Nazis.

He registered his two children at a German school, known to promote anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi propoganda at the time, under the name Eichmann, suggesting again how the Argentine government aided and abetted former Nazis and their sympathizers.

In April 1953, the Capri firm declared bankruptcy and Eichmann moved his family to Buenos Aires, where he worked for a number a companies.

secret dating Nürnberg

He had mentioned that it would have been better if the Nazis had "finished the job" during World War II.They called themselves the "Nokmim" - the Avengers.They located and captured hundreds of SS men, especially those involved with the running of concentration camps.I knew that at all the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals this man was pointed to as the head butcher.I knew that he was a past master in police methods, and that on the strength of his professional skill and in the light of his total lack of conscience, he would be an exceedingly dangerous quarry. Eichmann was certainly living under an assumed identity, and had friends in and out of the Argentinian government.

Secret dating Nürnberg

Nicholas Eichmann also used the family name Eichmann openly at times. But when they checked the old address of what was supposed to have been Eichmann's house, he no longer lived there.That lead didn't go anywhere, other than clarifying that one of Eichmann's sons was indeed in Argentina with Adolf Eichmann.Eichmann had carefully destroyed all evidence of his former identity.He had even removed the tattoo all SS men had under their left armpit.He then moved to the province of Tucuman, located over 600 miles from Buenos Aires, where he worked at an engineering company called the Capri firm, to which Juan Peron, the Argentine president at the time and known Nazi-sympathizer, gave many state contracts in order to modernize the province's water administration.

Eichmann's wife and two children arrived in Argentina in mid-1952, and accompanied him to Tucuman.

At first they handed over the SS men to the Allied authorities, but many of the SS men "escaped in the chaos that followed the war or were released." At one point the Russians released two Nazi Germans who had been turned over to them by the Jews.

The Germans walked out into the street, laughing at their release. The Avengers "cut the men down with a burst of sub-machine gunfire." From then on the Avengers simply tracked down and killed former Nazis.

I didn't know with what morbid zeal he pursued his murderous work or how he went into the fray to destroy one miserable Jew with the same ardor he devoted to the annihilation of an entire community.

I didn't know that he was capable of ordering the slaughter of babies - and depicting himself as a disciplined soldier; of directing outrages on women - and priding himself on his loyalty to an oath; or of sending helpless old men to their deaths - and classifying himself as an 'idealist'…But I knew when I rose from my desk at dawn that in everything pertaining to the Jews he was the paramount authority and his were the hands that pulled the strings controlling manhunt and massacre.

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