Senior date Ringkøbing-Skjern

He has always been attracted by the Scandinavian lifestyle, so he decided to continue his education abroad and moved to Denmark, where he received a Master’s Degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Southern Denmark.Diego’s curiosity, motivation, and passion for Science kept growing so he moved to Aarhus University, where he earned a Ph D degree in Biosciences in 2016[SFG1] , by his studies about bacteria that create electric currents in the bottom of the sea, lakes and rivers.I saw students of different religions, skin colours, languages, beliefs etc. I firmly believe that as a teacher I should be preparing students for the tests of life and not necessarily for a life of tests.‘The International’ I believe offers students unique experiences that will undoubtedly help them in coping with the tests of life they will surely experience and enable them to become global citizens making positive contributions to the society/country they find themselves a part of.

“Having grown up during the ‘Troubles’ and taught in a very divided society, coming to teach in international schools in Denmark was not only inspirational and eye opening but I believe the experience has made me a better person.She always knew she was destined to travel, but didn’t step foot outside of Australia until she was nineteen when she travelled to South Lake Tahoe to work as a ski instructor.She was bitten by both the travel and the teaching bug, and became a qualified Cambridge English Language Teacher in 2011.“I like to encourage students to think widely about the possible applications of the sciences, to see that the groundwork they do in school can easily be related to exciting innovations such as Tesla Motors.I think it’s important to give students the skills to understand and Jesus is from Granada, in Southern Spain.

Senior date Ringkøbing-Skjern

Therefore it was not surprise at all when he decided to pursue a career as scientist.Moreover, besides the purely lab research associated to Science, what he loves the most is teaching.It might seem strange to hear, then, that Samantha will be teaching mathematics and the sciences.But actually she began her academic career in engineering, and has a love for the artistry of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology that is inspired by a lofty desire to understand the inner workings of the world.She has been inspiring curiosity in the classrooms of the world ever since, and managed to collect two extra languages as souvenirs; French and Danish.

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As a director and a performer Samantha has worked on a variety of community projects both in Australia and Europe, taking part in festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe.We live in a technological world, so a solid understanding of Science and technology is a must for any individual who has the scope of being a global citizen.” Diego has been living in Denmark for the last six years, moving from Odense to Aarhus and finally to Vejle, where he lives with his girlfriend, who is a molecular biologist.Diego has recently joined the school as the IGCSE Co-ordinated Science teacher.Anine is from South Africa, she has a teaching degree, a degree in Financial Management, as well as a long and varied career of teaching in both Denmark and South Africa.Her broad experience will ensure The International a solid academic footing for her core subjects, IGCSE Mathematics and IGCSE Business Studies, while Anine’s international background will be vital in creating and maintaining an internationally experienced, and interculturally competent, teaching staff at The International.

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