Single community Regensburg

Both life styles (consortium and „pure“ biofilm) can be directly compared in both biotopes.Despite the current unculturability of the SM1 Euryarchaeon, it is possible to analyze the in situ Situation and obtain real environmental data, without influencing the system under laboratory conditions.

single community Regensburg

So far, mostly human associated Bacteria were detected onboard the ISS, which can even show an increased pathogenicity due to low gravity. Harald Huber (Uni Regensburg) Reverse contamination: The return of samples taken on other celestial bodies during a mission may cause a contamination of earth environments by unknown and foreign biological material (sample return).An application to nanobiotechnology of this fascinating structure is investigated.The SM1 Euryarchaeon is phylogenetically distinct (more than 20% difference in the 16S r RNA gene compared to other cultivated Archaea) and forms a separate branch within the ME-group (miscellaneous euryarchaeota group, MEG).Besides the string-of-pearls community, another amazing lifestyle of the SM1 Euryarchaeon has been discovered in the subsurface of sulfidic springs.There it can grow without bacterial partner and forms therefore the only so far discovered archaeal biofilm with high purity (Henneberger et al., 2006).

Single community Regensburg

The established method to enrich, or better harvest the SM1 Euryarchaeon from its natural biotope, allows a stable and reliable delivery of biomass for our research activities.Very unusual for known Archaea and their biotopes, the SM1 Euryarchaeon predominates its biotope in the subsurface and could possible even suppress other Bacteria or Archaea in its close vicinity.The microbial diversity of the string-of-pearl community and of the biofilm are investigated using the recently developed . singleseite gratis Leverkusen Finally, metagenome analysis (454 pyrosequencing and illumina HISeq 2000 (paired-end) of purified biofilms is performed to decipher the secret about function and metabolic capabilities of the SM1 Euryarchaeon.In both springs, the SM1 Euryarchaeon forms a partner-independent biofilm in the subsurface.

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