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In the first chapter (the only one available in English), a woman, also named Fia, is trapped in a stultifying relationship with her boyfriend, Peter. Korneliussen punctuates Sara’s appearances in the narrative with lyrical refrains from the ethereal pop song “Crimson and Clover,” a flourish that imbues the chapter with an unabashed adolescent sentimentality, and also a filmic quality, as if the story had a soundtrack: I confess. Her sense of claustrophobia spills out in internal monologue: “False smiles turning uglier. For the first time in my life I’m feeling something very powerful. The Nuuk Pride festival began running in 2010; in 2015, Greenlandic politicians unanimously voted in favor of legalizing gay marriage. Jes Stein Pedersen, the literary editor of , a major Danish newspaper, told me, “I started reading, and I suddenly said to myself, I have not read something like this written by such a young person in this way, ever.” Pedersen, like many Danes, has personal connections to Greenland—he lives in a home in Copenhagen that was built by a member of a famed, tragic Danish expedition to the island, and he has long been fascinated by the stoic, masculine stories about the polar voyages of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.While Greenland’s main industry today is fishing, its population, which is concentrated in the thin strip of land between the coast and the ice cap straddling the interior, is mostly urbanized. Suddenly, here was a new kind of voice telling the stories of Greenland.

Korneliussen was named one of the winners; not long afterward, the publisher behind the competition asked her for a novel. “It’s not like being a celebrity in America,” she said.Niviaq Korneliussen, the author of a novel about queer protagonists confronting their identities in modern-day Greenland, is the rare Greenlandic writer to find a true readership beyond her native island.The first Greenlandic novel—a Rip Van Winkle-like tale called “Singnagtugaq,” or “The Greenlander’s Dream,” by a priest named Mathias Storch—was published just over a century ago.Korneliussen wrote “Homo Sapienne,” in 2014, after receiving a three-month grant from the Greenlandic government; she procrastinated during the first two months, and wrote the novel during the third. My false orgasms turning more incredible as time goes by. Like “San Francisco,” the book conveys raw emotions in a loose and energetic style. But we’re still making plans.” On a night out, Fia meets a girl named Sara, and experiences an unfamiliar intensity of feeling.

Sms dating Thisted

She found solace writing stories in school, and listening to pop-punk artists whose songs channelled a familiar sense of unbelonging; Pink was a special obsession. In the novel’s subsequent chapters, each of which is named after a song (including one by Pink), Fia’s brother flees to Denmark after having an affair with a male member of the Greenlandic government, and a woman named Ivinnguaq decides to undergo a gender transition to become Ivik.“I also felt like the outcast because I was gay—I didn’t really know it, I was trying to hide it, and hide it from myself,” Korneliussen said. These stories unfold in a recognizable world of blithe, savvy youth culture, but one laced with Greenlandic language and cultural references.All of this makes the burgeoning literary success of Niviaq Korneliussen, a twenty-seven-year-old Greenlandic author, a turning point in the island’s literary history. Flirten lernen 24 Korneliussen’s début novel, “Homo Sapienne,” which was published in 2014, is a work of a strikingly modern sensibility—a stream-of-consciousness story of five queer protagonists confronting their identities in twenty-first-century Greenlandic culture.She sat at a writing desk facing a snowy hill, capped with buildings, and beyond it the ocean.

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